Lotin Arbest

Loyal companion and guardian


Lotin has known battle his whole life. As the runt of his litter, he was always fighting with his brothers and sisters until he was old enough to serve the hutts. He served as a guard for several hutts, including Jabba, before his skills landed him in a more professional position. He fought for the Empire as a mercenary in several key battles, serving with the Nar Shadaa Enforcers. But, he longed for more. His leaders never really acknowledged him, and he felt that he didn’t really belong to anyone. He was a one man dog without a man.

His loneliness led to carelessness, and he was impounded after failing a mission on the jungle planet Cambor. He was often mistreated, but then he was saved. Lakshmi Grendle, the great pirate, rescued Lotin and took him into his service. Lotin now serves Lakshmi dutifully and even pretends to agree with his goal of destroying the hutts and freeing their servants. Lotin knows better. The Klatoonians were meant to serve.

Lotin Arbest

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